Welcome to the world of Personal Finance.

What Is a Financial Goal?

A financial goal is a target to aim for when managing your money. It can involve saving, spending, earning or even investing.

Creating a list of financial goals is vital to creating a budget. When you have a clear picture of what you’re aiming for, working towards your target is easy. That means that your goals should be measurable, specific and time oriented.

Types of Financial Goals

There are several types of financial goals:

  • Short-term goals
  • Mid-term goals
  • Long-term goals

Short term financial goals

These are smaller financial targets that can be reached within a year. This includes things like a new television, computer, or family vacation.

Mid-term financial goals

Typically, midterm goals take about five years to achieve. A little more expensive than an everyday goal, they are still achievable with discipline and hard work. Paying off a credit card balance, a loan or saving for a down payment on a car are all mid-term goals.

Long-term financial goals

This type of goal usually takes much more than 5 years to achieve. Some examples of long term goals are saving for a college education or a new home.

Every Individual needs budgeting of the personal finance. Finance means managing the Incomes and spending and at the same time keeping in view the future goals and objectives on priority. Here comes the best way to keep upself financially updated

Funding is the concern as far as economy is concerned.

Business can have its own strength as funding has its own.

By the end of June, world will be witnessing a far reaching effect on their markets, GDP, Level of consumption, Income, Inflation, Production and at last funding the business hubs when the support to these hubs require more strict decisions to settle the deals pending, and continuing the firms in survival and emerging mode and also effect the Indian markets in same pattern or may be more deepen considering the level of GDP, Production, consumption and population that got affected by the Income concerns.

All developed nations are in crave to provide support in any form to their hubs supporting the living and economy base structure at very large level by providing bailout packages or in other health reforms measures.


More than the organised sector, unorganized sector is totally shattered down because the matter of concern is no single thought of generating the income but surviving for the life to have daily food, shelter and living as more than 12 crore migrant daily workers, may be this number is not the correct one as per data. So, Funding to business hubs with less efforts and highly informative concern in the current times can be a right path to start a fresh page.

Cash crunch from a small level to the tycoons level structure can be the reason for fast forward race towards the easy and concentrated way of available funding base to survive for next emerging market and taking the population again to a level of comfortable self managed positions in their life matters so make business activity smooth with the distribution pattern to equate the balance.

Despite the economy at its low, markets goes bullish and bearish is unprecedented and what???

To the heartly continued investors in the stock markets of world and our nation India both, NSE and BSE looks somehow took a deep dive in early pendamic situations and again took an upturn to give some shoulder support to the fellow investors, actually needed to have more alert and responsive throughout the situation or may need to take hedging towards upcoming indicators.

It has shown that all sectors and industries affected badly, mostly the service industry as manufacturing in some industries goes hand in hand but some are at much bad conditions that is beyond expectation like Automobile example of zero car unit sales by some big production houses is the trailer of bigger picture in upcoming trends.

How to get this be fixed???

Gold is seen as a shining story till now in the expectations and actually the more reliable in all hard times of the market crash stories till now in history. Many of the investors have taken their investment in it already when these situation earlier was predicted.

Investors need to be more cautious about the alarming consequences of market before moving to a comfortable level.